Advanced Grids

The Advanced Grids extension takes grids to the next level, adding the following abilities:

  • Pagination – Split large grids into multiple pages
  • Additional Fields – Choose up to 3 fields to display under each book in the grid
  • Additional Selection Options – Choose the books in your grid based on publication date
  • Filtering – Choose up to 6 fields your website visitors can filter your book grid by
  • Searching – Allow your website visitors to search your book grids
  • Random Sorting* — Sort your grid randomly.  Great for grids that have a lot of books and you don’t want the first few to get all the attention. (requires Mooberry Book Manager version 4.15.2)

The new Select By Publication Date options allow you to make these kinds of grids, and more:

  • Today’s New Releases
  • What’s New This Week
  • What’s New This Month
  • This Quarter’s New Releases
  • Books of 2021
  • Books Since The World Shut Down
  • New Releases In the Last 30 Days
  • Next Week’s New Releases
  • Next Month’s New Releases
  • What’s Coming in the Next 30 Days

These options allow you to create powerful grids that are always up to date, because they always select books relative to when the grid is being viewed.  A “What’s Coming in the Next 30 Days” always shows the next 30 days, regardless of when the grid was created.

* Random sorting will sort the books differently on every page load EXCEPT when pagination is used. If pagination is used, the books will only be randomized every 15 minutes. This allows a user to page through the grid without the order changing every page load, which could cause a user to see some books multiple times and never see other books.


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  • Wonderful extension

    We bought Custom fields and Advanced grids in addition to Mooberry Book Manager for an author with over a hundred of books and it makes the experience powerful and smooth! Moreover, Christie went to great ends to match your expectations, she is a jewel! Thanks Christie for your wonderful extension and your admirable support!

  • Search & Filter options are great

    This plug-in makes our book catalogue much more user-friendly for online visitors. It is also very simple to use and has cut our data entry time in half.

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