Easy to Use

  • Managing your books looks just like managing your blog posts.
  • Simply enter as much or as little information about your books as you'd like.
  • Books can be grouped into genres, part of a series, and tagged.
  • Documentation and support are available if you need help
  • Optional extensions add more functionality

Design Done For You

  • Mooberry Book Manager creates your book pages for you.
  • Every book page will have the same layout for a professional, consistent design.
  • You don't have to remember exactly how to set up each page for every new book you add.
  • The responsive design will look good on any screen from a full-size monitor to a phone.
  • Theme independent.* Use your favorite theme and Mooberry Book Manager will create a page that blends in.

* We strive to make Mooberry Book Manager work with every theme, but every now and then we run into an issue with a theme. If Mooberry Book Manager isn't working with your theme, let us know and we'll do our best to make them work together!

Add Grids of Books to Any Page

  • Select the books you want to display on a page
  • Many options for selection including All Books, Unpublished Books, Books in a Genre, and more
  • Many options for grouping books: genre, series, tag, and more
  • Choose how to sort the books
  • Grids auto-update when books are added, removed, or edited
  • Set up a grid and forget it -- no updating necessary!

Feature Books in Your Sidebar with Four Types of Widgets

  • Four options for featuring a book in your sidebar (or wherever your theme has widget areas)
  • Random - Chooses a random book each time
  • Newest - Chooses the book with the most recent published date that is not after the current date
  • Future - Chooses a book with a published date that's in the future, or one that has no published date
  • Specific - Always feature the same book
  • Newest and Future auto-update as books are added, removed, and edited
  • Set up a widget and forget it -- no updating necessary!

Add Links to Purchase From Any Retailer

  • Mooberry Book Manager comes pre-installed with 14 retailer buttons
  • Add as many additional retailers as you want
  • Create your own button/image for any retailer if you wish
  • Add as many retailer purchase links to each book as you want
  • You can use your affiliate links for any retailer link